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June 2017

God’s promise

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Just after I posted the last post I was flicking through my photos and was reminded of God’s promise to me on Tuesday evening when there was a double rainbow right outside my window. God is in control, this baby is his, it’s his timing and I’m trusting him for his protection over him or her and my marriage and little boy. ?

Car crash

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I’ve not been in a car crash for many years, but driving home from seeing friends this evening a lad hit my car as I was slowing down and indicating to turn into my road. The force of his impact carried me over the plastic boulder and the momentum took me down the road until I stopped. I am so thankful that I didn’t hit another car and there was no immediate impact to my stomach and the baby. Obviously I’m worried about the baby and contacted 111 for advice but they seemed to think there was no need to send me to A&E or an out of hours doctor – which reassured me a bit. Although suggested I contact my doctors in the morning and phone the maternity helpline to get their advice. 

My prayer is for the protection of the baby and for peace to reign over me. My husband isn’t being overly supportive, although he thinks he is. When I suggested I’d try and get a scan tomorrow he didn’t se the point of one as there was nothing that could be done. But it will reassure me and put my mind at ease. I just want a hug and to be reassured by him but he’s unable to do that. He doesn’t know how to do that but when I look at his relationship with his parents and how they deal with things I can understand how and why he behaves like this, even though I wish he behaved differently. I don’t want to be a single mum so I feel like I need to stay with him even though emotionally he’s unable to support me. It’s a trysting a God thing. 

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