My name is Lucinda and I live in Somerset with my husband and our miracle son Joshua Benjamin, who was a gift from God on Christmas Eve 2014.

I lost four babies within ten months prior to having the little man and the heartbreak of each pregnancy still lives with me. Since having Joshua, I’ve miscarried again – something that I never thought I’d have to go through after having a live pregnancy.

We were and are fortunate to be under the care of St. Mary’s hospital in Paddington and their recurrent miscarriage unit – one of the perks of living so close to London. They found that I have factor V Leiden so have to take 75mg aspirin and 20mg clexane whenever pregnant. Despite taking these with our last pregnancy, I still miscarried. They are not miracle drugs and we’re unable to save our precious son but we believe in God and that no matter what, He is still in control.

Whatever reason you have opened this blog, welcome. This is a blog written in obedience to God, in which I’ll share the emotions and musings of surviving miscarriages, raising a rainbow baby and embarking on another pregnancy with the belief of another rainbow baby at the end of it.

Feel free to read, comment or share but remember this is just one person’s views.

If you have suffered miscarriages, please take a look at the website Saying Goodbye – or for still birth see the Sands website –