A threenager

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So my last rainbow baby is now 3 and I haven’t written anything for over a year…

Both children have had a lot to deal with this last year. Corona virus hit the UK; we moved house; she started preschool and he changed schools and had to make new friends and 3 lockdowns to contend with. Her birthday fell during the second lockdown but she was ok with it. We’re lucky enough now to live round the corner from my mum and stepdad so both of the children love seeing their grandparents regularly.

There have been times I’ve struggled with my children during these lockdowns but my love for them goes deep. One of the things that has gotten me through is the reminder of what I went through to get them and the memory that I might never have had them. I feel so privileged to have them, despite them making me want to pull my hair out every now and again ? .

Birthday is coming

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A quick birthday cake made for my daughter’s second birthday. Can’t believe she’ll be 2 on Saturday. I might make a muddy puddle cake a tradition for the next few years (while I still can!) ?

November 2019

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I can’t believe my little girl is 2 in a few weeks. She’s full of life and such a joy to be around.

This last year is just flying by. She’s grown and changed so much. Mostly her and Joshua get on well, although obviously fight over the smallest things!

She didn’t enjoy the fireworks last night, I think she was scared of the loud bangs and bright lights and it was too sensory for her.

We’ll try again taking her tonight with her brother and see how they get on. Joshua was too naughty last night and kept saying that I’d let him go despite his behaviour so obviously had to leave him behind. Hopefully today we can all go and enjoy them.

Every girl needs pink shoes

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As much as I love my son and buying boy’s clothes and shoes I couldn’t wait to buy some pink shoes for my daughter! She loves her new shoes and is getting so confident with walking and takes to her feet far more than her knees now!

I always thought Joshua was such a climber but Anabelle is overtaking him in the climbing stakes! She has no fear and constantly climbs where she shouldn’t be. I’m forever telling Joshua to stop dragging her off the sofa – even though he says he’s pulling her down for own good ??‍♀️


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Yesterday we celebrated Anabelle turning 1! Where has this time gone? She’s such a happy, social little girl and is such a blessing to our lives and has made our family complete. She loves her brother and he adores her. Both children fight over mummy and she pushes Joshua off my lap whenever he’s having a cuddle! It’s been a pleasure watching her grow over this last year. She babbles away and can stand on my her own for a few seconds so won’t be long till she’s walking. However, she still hasn’t got her first tooth so we’re waiting for that. I can’t wait to see how she develops over this next year and the happy, little toddler she’s going to become.

Where has the time gone?

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Anabelle is 11 months old now…no teeth yet but cruising round the furniture! I can’t believe that this time last year I was getting ready to start my maternity leave and now we’re getting ready to celebrate her 1st birthday. Obviously it’ll be more important for Joshua to celebrate it than her but we will still try and do something nice.

Anabelle is still such a happy and smiley girl, it’s a pleasure to be around her.

How life has changed

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Our baby girl is now 20 weeks old and I’ve not found the time to actually update my blog! Funnily enough it’s not been top of my priorities!

Anabelle Esther Joy was born at 3.24pm on Thursday 23rd November 2017 – thanksgiving day in America! We are so thankful for her; she’s such a happy, joyful little girl and has added so much to our family. Joshua loves being a big brother and she is a delight and such an easy-going child. Life is definitely harder with two. Juggling everything isn’t easy but things are starting to get into a routine which is helpful.

This is one of my favourite photos of the two of them together when we first brought her home. She was so tiny, weighing only 7lb when she was born.

Joshua is now potty trained and has gone to school for the first time in pants.

Our childminder moved to France at the end of February, which has been a complete blow to us as a family and especially Joshua. We haven’t yet found a new one so praying for that to happen quickly.

Joshua has been given a nursery place at Tanners Wood for September. He’ll go with his friends which will make the transition easier.

Lots of things happening in our family at the moment but we’re all adapting well.

Nearly there!

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Can’t believe I finish work on Thursday for my maternity leave.  It seems to have taken ages to come round but at the same time can’t believe it’s here! Looking forward to not having to juggle work, a toddler and being heavily pregnant. 

The baby is moving well, although have had some reduced fetal movements last week which concerned the hospital more than me. I had a scan last week to just be sure and they were happy with everything. Praying she’ll come out soon and that my waters will break naturally like they did with Joshua. I have had some cramps already so praying that’s a good sign. 

Third trimester 

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You would assume that by the time you reach the third trimester in your pregnancy it’d be easy and the worries would have gone by now. Yet that’s not the case. I’m still worrying about whether I can feel her kick, how many moves I’ve felt throughout the day and of course the gigantic size of my bump. I try not to let people’s comments worry me but they do. Prayer helps me to get through and I’m trusting God that everything will be ok as it’s His baby, we’ve just been blessed by her. 

Potty training

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So day three of potty training and I feel like I’ve failed! He refuses to sit on either the potty or the new toilet potty we bought him. He is more interested in flushing his new toilet and won’t actually do anything on it. 

Saturday started badly with him screaming for an hour about not wanting to wee but once he had calmed down and mummy stepped in we had three wees on the potty. I thought we were getting somewhere and claimed it a small step in the right direction! 

Sunday we bought the new potty above and he won’t sit and use it. He used the other potty once and the restaurant toilet once. But that was it. As soon as we were home he just played with his new toilet. Fail! 

Monday he won’t even go anywhere near the potties and weed on the floor. Epic fail! He refuses to say when he needs a wee and is being incredibly stubborn. 

The answer …?! No idea! Leave it for a few days, keep offering him the potty and asking if he needs to use it and then attempt it again! Maybe I’ll look for some books on it to help him and me! 

Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.

Dale Carnegie

A person is a person, no matter how small.

Dr Suess

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Romans 15:13
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